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The only reason for these pages is to introduce you to this cartoon strip, and not for any reason of personal gain, which is how come I've used some of the images. There aren't many graphics on these pages because they are not intended to give you pictures for your backgrounds - they are to present the characters, typical illustrations and different themes. First let's recall that Calvin & Hobbes strips belongs to Bill Watterson and The Universal Press Syndicate.

Please forgive any translation mistakes because I'm French and my English is not perfect...

Introduction of the cartoon strip

Calvin & Hobbes is an American cartoon strip by Bill Watterson. Each strip (usually of three or four pictures) forms a single independent gag so that it can be published daily in newspapers like The Daily, The Sunday Express, The Sunday Tribune, The Washington Post. The first strip was published in 1985 and the last one in 1995 so sadly there will be no more strips since Watterson has now retired.

The strip tells the turbulent everyday life of Calvin, a six-year-old boy, and his tiger Hobbes. Watterson knew how to create many gags on a similar theme without ever repeating the same joke or becoming tedious. Hence we see such childhood activities as school, homework, cart and sled rides, Christmas, ...

I'd like to add that although Calvin is six years old, Calvin & Hobbes is not just a comic strip for children !!

To discover all this more, I invite you to continue...

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