Commom topics

Here is a nonexhaustive list of the comics topics. They are not separate topics to each other, on the contrary they intersect very frequently. This is really the most interesting part of this page, this is what will make you discover the spirit of the comics.

You will lso be able to see the evolution of Watterson's drawings, especially between those from The Essential Calvin and Hobbes, which is the first compilation of strips, and the last publications (like There's treasure everywhere, and It' a magical world, which is the last). But the spirit and humour are always preserved!

Almost all the strips are GIF files and do not require a very long time for loading. The largest files are announced between brackets. Having a problem of scanner, I cannot present them all for the moment... and some are only provisional... I hope I'll be able soon...

I advise you to widen a little your browser to be able to see the strips without making scroll...

First Calvin et Hobbes strip

Calvin : the character (8 strips !)

"I'm home !"


Show and tell


Lunch at school


Rosalyn (90 ko)


Home meals

Father's explanations

"Run for dad" polls

Bedtime stories (112 ko)

Monsters under the bed




Letters to Santa    




    Spaceman Spiff

The last Calvin & Hobbes strip

That was the most important section of my pages, the section which really introduces the cartoon strip and its spirit. If you didn't enjoy it then I still recommend that you read an album to really get an impression.